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Do you love your car? Is your monthly budget disturbed because of repairing your damaged car? Then don’t panic! And protect your car by purchasing an insurance policy for your car. Getting your car insured helps minimize the risk of loss in case of accident or damage. At car insurance page of our website, you can see the details of various insurers which we have gathered here so that you can compare first and then choose along with saving money on your car insurance policy.



Insurance4carhire is part of the Towergate Partnership, Europe’s largest independent insurer. We provide car hire excess reimbursement insurance, enabling you to claim back the excess costs charged by rental companies if your car is damaged or stolen.

Octagon Insurance

Would you like to save money on your car insurance or van insurance? Get a free insurance quote online or over the phone.

Insurance 4 Car Hire

Car hire excess insurance – safeguard yourself with specialist car hire insurance cover – covering your liability should the car be damaged or stolen.

Classic car insurance

We have been as thrilled about classic and collector cars as you are. Our firmly knowledge of classic cars and their owners let us to present you best coverage for less.

Women’s car insurance

Just have a look at in 2002, research specified about the increament in numbers of women getting out their own insurance policies and the space being made in terms of presenting those women an insurance product which offered their single requirements.

Young driver insurance

If you have passed your driving test, Falicitation! As a Young driver, you would start learning very swiftly that there are a big number of prices linked with driving a car, for instances buying the vehicle, servicing and repairs, MOT, road tax, petrol, and definitely the largest expense of all being car insurance.

Performance car insurance

Car Insurance for High Performance Car drivers, Performance Direct is among the UK’s leading sports and performance car insurance exclusive. There are many general insurance companies those who will not control high performance car insurance, our unique selection of above 100 schemes, cheap online quotes and expert team get togather to offer a matchless service.

Student car insurance

It is widely possible to have a good vihicle insurance if you are a student. You just need to know how to see and what to see for. It is also important to not only get car insurance at the right cost but also to search the correct plan to get your requirements.


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Car Insurance Policy Types

This is because high performance vehicles have a greater rate of acceleration and a higher top speed than standard cars and are also often modified either mechanically of cosmetically. All of these factors mean that high performance cars are often in one of the higher insurance groups and so will cost more to insure. Another reason that high performance cars are more expensive to insure is because insurers argue that some modifications, such as lowered suspension, can have an adverse affect upon handling. In addition, high performance cars are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents and generally cost more to repair due to their higher priced parts. Contents insurance covers all of the possessions that you keep in your house, from electrical equipment to socks. Taking out a contents insurance policy is equally as important as buildings insurance – the value of possessions that you accumulate in your car over time can quickly amount to a huge amount of money. Before buying your policy, add up the value of your possessions and ensure you are covered for at least this amount should the worst happen. car insurance or ‘term assurance’ is a policy that will pay out a lump sum if the policyholder dies during the term of the policy and is designed to give the policyholder’s dependents financial reassurance if the worst was to happen. This money can be especially useful to cover expensive funeral bills, clear debts and to cover mortgage payments along with regular bills if required.

Car Insurance Guide

Getting your car insured helps minimize the risk of loss in case of accident or damage. At car insurance page of our website , you can see the details of various insurers which we have gathered here to enable you to compare first and then choose along with saving money on your car insurance policy. Do your car means a lot to you? Is your budget disturbed, because of repairing your damaged car? Or have you face any loss in an accident? Do you want to protect your car from all these unexpected expenses? Then don’t panic! And ensure the safety of your car by purchasing an insurance policy for it. Getting your car insured helps minimize the risk of loss in case of accident or damage. Each car cover policy will come with a fixed term length. This can be specified by the policyholder when applying for life insurance. The term of the policy specifies how long it will run for. So for example if you take on a life insurance policy with a term of 15 years, the policy will only pay out if you were to die within 15 years of taking the policy.

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We compare prices from more than 100 insurers; this means you get a broader view of the market to increase your chances of finding cheaper car insurance. From young drivers who are looking for an affordable car insurance policy, to more experienced motorists simply looking for low cost car insurance rates, our website should be your first stop for buying UK car insurance online. Our car insurance comparison service allows you to quickly see dozens of prices without having to give your details to a string of companies, saving you time as well as money. By answering a few simple questions about your vehicle and yourself, we can bring you free online car insurance quotes from more than 100 providers. You can then customise your policy to make sure you get the most appropriate cover at the right price. Even if you have been involved in accidents in the past, or you have driving convictions, our comparison tool will help you find a fair price for your cover. So, whether you’re looking to better your current provider’s car insurance renewal quote, or need cover for a new car, use our free service to quickly compare prices from the UK’s leading insurance companies.