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Are you planning to travel somewhere? Do you want to complete your trip pleasantly? If your answer is yes! Then you should purchase a travel insurance policy which will cover medical and financial expenses incur during your trip. Travel insurance helps you to counter the unexpected expenses without disturbing your trip. We brings you latest and low priced deals from the best insurers of UK so that you can compare the prices and can choose the best out of the best for you along with saving money on it.

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JS Insurance

JS Insurance is part of Jade Stanley Ltd. Jade Stanley Ltd was launched in September 1999. We provide customers with instant personal insurance by maximising the use of the internet, but at the same time never losing the personal touch.

Worldwide Insure

Worldwide Travel Insurance is a leading independent travel insurance retailer, offering a wide range of policies including Annual Multi-trip, Single trip for short-term travel and Longstay (2 to 18 months).

Atlas Direct (UK)

Relax, you’re covered! Whatever kind of traveller you are, Atlas Direct has the right travel insurance, offering single trip and annual cover as well as cover for Winter Sports.

Flexicover Travel

Flexicover is a division of Citybond Holdings plc, a specialist UK travel insurance provider that has consistently been a benchmark for great value products

JS Insurance

JS Insurance is part of Jade Stanley Ltd and is one of the leading providers of travel and other insurance products for UK and EU Residents. JS Insurance offers 17% on insurance sold. (120 day cookie). We also offer travel insurance for persons aged between 65 and 75 years with pre existing medical conditions.

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Travel Insurance Policy Types

You only need to consider taking out a buildings insurance policy if you actually own the property- if you are renting then your landlord will be obliged to make arrangements for this type of cover. If you have taken out a mortgage to purchase your property then your mortgage lender will require you to take out buildings insurance so all parties are protected should the property suffer severe damage. If you own your Travel outright then you can choose whether or not to take out buildings insurance . Contents insurance covers all of the possessions that you keep in your house, from electrical equipment to socks. Taking out a contents insurance policy is equally as important as buildings insurance – the value of possessions that you accumulate in your Travel over time can quickly amount to a huge amount of money. Before buying your policy, add up the value of your possessions and ensure you are covered for at least this amount should the worst happen. Travel insurance or ‘term assurance’ is a policy that will pay out a lump sum if the policyholder dies during the term of the policy and is designed to give the policyholder’s dependents financial reassurance if the worst was to happen. This money can be especially useful to cover expensive funeral bills, clear debts and to cover mortgage payments along with regular bills if required.

Travel Insurance Guide

They say Travel is where the heart is, a place to start a family or our own personal space. For most people our Travel will quite possibly be the most expensive commodity we will ever own. Add to that our collection of belongings that we will accumulate over time and you will start to understand just how much money you have tied up in your property. Here at on our website, we understand the importance of protecting your Travel and its contents and our price comparison tool will allow you to compare Travel insurance quotes from more than 74 different household insurance companies. Each Travel cover policy will come with a fixed term length. This can be specified by the policyholder when applying for life insurance. The term of the policy specifies how long it will run for. So for example if you take on a life insurance policy with a term of 15 years, the policy will only pay out if you were to die within 15 years of taking the policy.

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Are you looking to buy travel insurance cover? UK holidaymakers can make significant savings by using our website to find low cost travel insurance rates. We compare more than 450 policies from over 80 brands to help you find an affordable travel insurance policy that offers the level of protection you need on your trip. Whether you’re jetting off for a well deserved holiday in the sun, gearing up for a winter sports break or planning a backpacking adventure there’s no reason to pay over the odds for your travel insurance policy. You deserve a fair deal at the right price – and we want to help you get it. By using our travel insurance comparison service you can find cheaper insurance offers in minutes – all you need to do is answer some simple questions and we’ll provide you with a range of free holiday insurance quotes from leading companies. However, by using our site to shop for UK travel insurance online you’ll be able to compare much more than just price. Our service also allows you to compare policy options such as cancellation cover, baggage cover and medical expenses cover so you can be sure you’re getting the most appropriate protection for your traveling requirements. Finally, with our comparison tool not only can you find the best online travel insurance quote for your individual circumstances but you can also pay for your policy via our website without transferring to the insurer’s site – your policy details and confirmation of cover will be emailed to you directly.